Consolidated Dutchwest 264CCL in a Phoenixville, PA


This is the first stove installation done as a part of this program.  Marylou, the woman who received this stove

was one of the first people to respond to my original Craigslist posting.  The row-home where she lives is poorly

insulated and she has had some problems with heat over the years which ultimately led to her having no heat

last winter.  Hopefully this stove installation will keep her and her pets warm this winter!


This installation was made possible only due to donations of time, supplies and money by the following people:

                   Donated all necessary piping supplies as well as the funding for the construction of the hearth and wall shield.

                   Donated the funding used for the van rental and gasoline which made bringing the stove possible.

                   Donated his time to help move and install the stove, as well as keep me sane during 12 hours in a van.